High-Tech Music Therapy  

equipment, programs and tools

"Dr. Music" Groups

"Dr. Music" Group provides innovative  equipment, programs and tools for  High-Tech Music Therapy based  on  the Synthesis of Chinese Traditional and Western Medicine and outstanding  scientific discoveries in Music Therapy made by  Professor Dr. Sergey V. Shushardzhan and his team  over 25 years of intensive research.
Technological line "Dr. Music" is an innovative product, the basis of which is knowledge. Therefore, high-tech equipment with software is transferred only by franchise with compulsory education. Training includes the basics of scientific music therapy, features of the device and the operation of equipment, technological know-how, practical work.

In addition to equipment, franchisees are entitled to perform official dealer functions in their region. This principle makes it possible to train qualified personnel, to make the most efficient use of innovative technologies of scientific music therapy and to develop international partnerships.

One of the most important discoveries revealed patterns of the music influence on the nervous system and hormones. Three main music-acoustic algorithms bioregulators were discovered: S-, HR- и T-. As a result it became possible to regulate the activity of the nervous and hormonal systems. 

Have a look at the magic picture of the level changes  of stress hormones  in the blood under the influence of the music S-algorithm.

Thanks to  finding of  Regulative Musical-Acoustic Algorithms it became possible to develop digital Music Therapy programs and Music Therapy high technologies for Anti-aging therapy, Health resumption, Stress & Pain Control

"Dr. Music" advanced equipment and music therapy programs are extremely effective, secure and foolproof. They’re using successfully in different countries of the world such as  Slovakia, Germany, Bulgaria, Estonia, Monako, Poland, Russia, Israel, USA, Morocco, Seychelles etc.



I. Psychosomatic Music Therapy digital programs "Music for health" on CD

Psychosomatic music therapy programs are intended for using in therapeutic and preventive work by doctors of any specialty, psychologists, music therapists and educators in their professional activities. Programs can be used alone or in combination with other methods of treatment, increasing their effectiveness by 25-30%.


List of programs and CD: 
(2 programs on each  CD)






№7  ENERGY+ 



Cost of each CD is 100 € (50 € for one program)    

№6 MUSICAL BIONORMALIZER  innovative technology of personal music psychotherapy. The color test and the interpretation key allow to make a choice from 24 musical masterpieces in 24 tonalities arranged in semitones, and create an exact individual psychotherapy program for each session with a practically infinite number of variations. This technology is especially effective for neurasthenia, depression, autonomic neurosis, for psychosomatic disorders. Musical Byonormalizer  is almost irreplaceable in the work of psychologists, doctors and psychotherapists.

               Cost is 210 € for the whole technology

II.  "Wellness 4Uset for health improving and background music therapy


 "Wellness 4U"  is the set of 12 certified digital music programs for health improving and background music therapy (total time - 12.5 hours). 

These programs are intended to create healthy environment as a result it improves mood, stabilizes the psyche and endocrine profile.

Non-stop 12-hours of using "Wellness 4U" programs has successful experience, for example, in one of the biggest and advanced clinics of the World OJSC «Medicine».

 "Wellness 4U" at the medical center OJSC «Medicine»

Wonderful "Wellness 4U" programs sounding  at any public places have a positive effect on both clients and staff.


Cost:  120  per 1 program         1100 € per full set (12 programs)

III Virtual Music & Art Therapy set

 Virtual Music & Art Therapy is the kit of 8 innovative digital programs for psychotherapy. It combines two healing factors at the same time: visual (masterpieces of painting: Van Gogh, K. Monet, and others) and auditory (musical masterpieces: V. Mozart, P. Tchaikovsky, and others), which are joined on the basis of the acoustic and figurative-color regulatory algorithms. 
Music & Art Therapy is extremaly effective in the work with adults and children.


Virtual Music & Art Therapy is used successfully:

- in psychology for the correction of emotional disorders;
- in medicine for the rehabilitation of people with chronic psychosomatic and neurotic disorders ;
- in educational practice for a gain in students’  health and personal development.

The Music & Art Therapy  kit can be purchased separately or in the "Dr. Music-Baby" set (see below)
Cost of the whole set is 900 €

III Doll DJ-therapist Jeremy 

 DJ-therapist Jeremy is a handmade author's doll,  with color-acoustic device and wireless computerized control system. This doll airs innovative music therapy programs, calms children, releases fears and promotes personal development of the child.

In general, the DJ therapist Yerema is an excellent assistant not only to specialists, but also to parents who can control the behavior of children, including hyperactive ones, without being distracted from work.

It is possible to purchase separately with wireless computerized control system and Music Therapy programs for 900 €



№ I

Meso-Forte Therapy
Breakthrough technology for Anti-aging - Neurorehabilitation - Stress Control 


Meso-Forte therapy renders effective remedial assistance for the widest range of problems. This is age-related changes, skin aging, stress, psychosomatic, mental and neurotic disorders, autism, weakened vitality, cardiovascular disorders.

Medical doctors, psychologists, curative educators, specialists in health practice who completed Meso-Forte Therapy Course and also music therapists who finished Higher Course of the "Dr.Music" Group can use Meso-Forte Therapy.

There is a positive experience of Meso-Forte Therapy application in anti-aging medicine, rehabilitation, curative pedagogy, cosmetology,  (Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia), in oncology (Slovakia, Israel).

Meso-Forte therapy /video/

 Franchised   educational and technological kit:
1. Hardware and software complex "Meso-Forte" with ful set of innovative Music Therapy programs.
2. Innovative music therapy programs with anti-aging  algorithms-regulators (38).

3. Acoustic-magnetic  mask-converter "Bonny-Grand".
4.Training of 1 specialist. 

5. Know-how.
6. Methodical materials.
7. European certificate of instructor in Meso-Forte therapy.
8. License for patented Meso-Forte therapy.

Costs 7700 €     
No other payments

 Mezo-Forte therapy has an excellent payback indicator - from 1 year to 2 years. The technology is highly efficient, reliable and secure. No age and gender restrictions. Enjoys great popularity among patients.

 № II

"Acutone" Therapy or Musicpuncture
Innovative technology for Pain reducing - Stimulations of regenerative processs - Rehabilitation
 based on the Synthesis of Chinese Traditional and Western Medicine, Music, Biophysics and Computer Technologies 


 Acupuncturists, manual therapists,  osteopaths, rehabilitologists, massagists, health services practitioners who completed the "Acutone" therapy training, as well as Music Therapists who completed Higher Music Therapy Courses in one of the training centers of the  "Dr. Music" Group can use "Acutone" Therapy.

Acutone therapy /video/

Franchised   educational and technological kit:

1. Hardware and software complex "Acutone".
2. Training of 1 specialist. 

3. Know-how.
4. Methodical materials.
5. European certificate of instructor in"Acutone" technology.
6. License for patented technology.

Cost of the full set is 3500 €      
No other payments

 "Acutone" technology is especially effective in disease treatment of joints, spine, muscles and psychosomatic disorders. It  has an excellent payback indicator - from 1 year to 2 years.


"Dr. Music - Baby" super set

Super set of advanced technologies, programs and tools for all kinds of Receptive and Active Music Therapy 
for  kids, pregnant women and the whole family


Franchised   educational and technological kit:

1. Computerized workplace provided with:
- set of psychological tests;
- technology of personal music & colour therapy "Bionormaliser"
- set of 16 innovative Music Therapy programs;
- phonograms for elementary music therapy.

2. DJ-therapist Jeremy.
3. Virtual Music&Art Therapy set (8 digital programs). 
4. "Dr. Music - Eco" set (12 programs, 12.5 hours).
5. Set for elementary  music therapy.
6. Set for active Art Therapy.
7. Training of 1 specialist.
8. Know-how.
9. Methodical materials.
10. European Certificate

                                            Costs 4300 €      

Excellent results were obtained in work with children suffering from autism, CRA, psychosomatic disorders, fears, hyperactivity, etc. The set is so versatile that it can be used to conduct effective family music therapy with children and adults, including pregnant women.

№ IV

Robot “Dr. Music ”-  rehabilitologist with music therapy option

Premiere of the Robot "Dr.Music" in the GMA
 of the  Affairs Management of the Russia President

Robot "Dr.Music" in action

Technical features of the robot and the cost

    Standard Features:

- Movement on specified routes
-Easy and witty communication
- Identification the client’s age
- Definition emotional state
- Selection of the desired track of music therapy program
- Creation acoustically favorable environment at public places

Additional options:

- Service for bed patients

- Delivery of drinks, food, medicine

- Rendering of any background information


- effective psychotherapeutic and health care

- attracting clients / robot is equally loved by both adults and children /

- creating a favorable image of the company

- tirelessness, no maintenance costs

The robot is multifunctional product. It can work in clinics, rehabilitation centers, hotels, sanatoriums. Therefore the robot can be programmed on an individual order for solving problems for each specific case.

Standard robot costs 20 800  


 Turn-key delivery : Equipment + Training

Profitable business in any country

Good start up

Examples of success!

Official websites of companies using "Dr. Music" technologies


Rehabilitation Centre "Dr. Music from Estonia"

 In 2015 I graduated from Music Therapy Higher Courses under Professor S.Shushardzhan supervision.
In the same year, I purchased full equipment sets for Music Therapy Offices and opened  "Doctor Music from Estonia" Centre.
Within one year of the opening, hundreds of people have visited our institution. Music Therapy like both, adults and children because it is very effective. 
Especially my patients love  "singing" AkuTon-devices, which perfectly relieve pain in the joints and lower back.
Anti-aging by Meso-Forte therapy is also in great demand. Perhaps that's why the patients  from other countries including Finland and Sweden are coming to us. I am sure that Dr. Music technologies have excellent prospects on a global scale.

 Director of the  Center                    T.Allik

 Meso-Forte Thechnology in Israel

Since 2017 I have been using music therapy in the daily clinical practice using the Meso-Forte technology by Professor S. Shushardzhan  which I've been studied in the European Academy of Music Therapy in Bulgaria.

We use Meso-Forte therapy as a non-pharmacological treatment correction of psycho-emotional disorders and adverse effects of chemotherapy. It goes well with the other methods of anti-aging and the treatment of hormonal disorders which includes injectable pharmacotherapy.
The bimodal two-way positive effect of music therapy for the patients and doctors is especially important.

 Dr. Alek M. Itsekson, MD, PhD

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